Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween horse

Ryan asked if I would buy him a horse mask for Halloween.

I was perplexed by this request because A) he's never liked dressing up for Halloween and B) he doesn't like horses. 

"Why do you want to be a horse?"  I asked him.  "Is this an internet joke or are you somehow mocking me?"

He grinned that evil teenage grin and said, "Maybe."


I was hoping this would blow over, but no.  Every day it's been the same thing:  "Mom, will you buy me a horse mask?  If you buy me a horse mask I will wash the dogs and clean the rat cage and empty the dishwasher and pick up my room.  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease."

Yesterday--finally--I relented...
but not before I added one more item to his list:  If you're going to dress up as a horse, you need to pose with actual horses. 
Ryan doesn't like going to the barn, but he agreed right away.  We drove straight from the costume shop to the barn.
Yes, he wore the mask in the car.  And took selfies.
We headed out to the field and quickly discovered that most of the horses had no interest in posing with Ryan.  Fortunately, Bob had no such issues.
"Hello there strange two legged horse."
 "I squish your face with mine."
Two of a kind!
Ryan texted these photos to his friend Pablo who responded, "Dude, I am so jealous!"  I wonder if Pablo will be able to talk his mom into buying a horse mask...


  1. It's an internet thing. I don't get it either. Here's a good article from the Washington Post, though:

  2. I'm sorry but I just couldn't stop laughing at the last photo... I can just about see Bob whispering to the camera, "help!"

  3. haha i LOVE this! bought one of those masks a couple years ago and have never regretted it lol