Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Criollo conga

First there was Kellye's Cobra.  Now there's Kellye's Criollo Conga.
These Maxixe resins were sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn and painted by (left to right) Sheila Bishop, Lauren Hoeffer, Sheryl Leisure and Maggie Bennett.
They are shown in tack by Heather Moreton (Western bridle), Rebecca Dunne (rope polo halter) and myself (Criollo halter, Criollo saddle set).
Congratulations on assembling another beautiful group of models, Kellye.  I absolutely love your Criollo Conga!


  1. Such a beautiful group of models! Congratulations to Kellye for owning such a gorgeous conga, and awesome tack to boot :)

  2. Beautiful! Wish I owned these fabulos models!

  3. Now I don't have an excuse to keep my Maxixe unfinished...