Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Visiting Trillium

I visited my former lease pony, Trillium, over the weekend.
She was out in the field when I arrived...
but came up to the barn as soon as she heard the hay truck. 
She pricked her ears at the sound of my camera, and I swear she looked over as if to say, "Hey, I remember you." 
That was all the greeting I got.  Trillium has her priorities...
and food... 
comes first! 
Silly pony. 
Oh, I've missed this girl! 
It was so good to see her again!


  1. Did you get my email about her a few day's ago??? She is available for lease on Craigslist.

    1. Sorry! I did see that, but the weekend was CRAZY and then I kind of forgot...


    2. P.S. On a happier note, I LOVE your new horse!

    3. Thank you!! I love him too. :) I am going to feel bad for my followers on my blog because I will be suffocating them in pictures of him.....oh well. They can live through it...I think. ;)

  2. Why did you stop leasing her, if i may ask? If it's a 'long story' and not something you want to get into, that's totally fine. She is a nice-looking horse.

    1. Not all partings are drama filled. Trilli's owner bought some land and moved all her horses there. It was an absolutely wonderful life event for her, but the new property was too far east for me. I couldn't justify the long, long drive, so I found a new lease horse closer to home (Rev).

      Trilli's owner and I are still friends. She's a great person and a wonderful horse owner. No drama at all.


    2. Ohm that's right. I remember, now, reading that blog post. Sorry. I'm glad you're still friends. It's great she got some land, but a bummer it's too far away to consider leasing her again. But you're getting to ride so many other horses and that's fun and exciting.

  3. ooh she's looking good! must have been so nice to visit (even if she was busy eating). tho i always get a little sad seeing old favorites that aren't part of my routine anymore...

  4. She has such a sweet face <3