Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jennifer's mailbox

One of the best things about writing a popular blog is hearing from readers. Today's post is made up of  excerpts from some of the emails that have brightened my week.

First up is Aurelia from France.  She writes: I've been following your blog for a few years and always enjoy your posts and how to's. Being at first a customizer, perhaps it's your blog which made me want to try making tack for my models. Anyway, when I read the guest post by Lauren Mauldin called Lauren's list, I was suddenly tickled by the desire to try making some of those items. Especially the shipping halter. There was something about it that reminded me of something I had in my house. Pipecleaners ! I use them sometimes on halters for "fluff" nosebands but a full fluff halter I had never done ! Here's a picture of the final product.  There's still room for improvement, but at least I had fun doing it. Next time I'll tackle the standing wraps.
The next group of pictures comes from Anna Yager of Ebb and Flow Studios.  She says:  I just wanted to send you a big 'thank you' for all of your fantastic reference photos/spotlights over the years. I frequently find myself rereading posts like "Handy Hunter" and "Classes at the Point to Point" because of the fantastic photos. In fact, whenever I need a good reference picture for something (tack making or show based) I go to your blog before even making a google search! 

That said, you've led me to create many wonderful things, including some live show entries for the hunter/jumper class which I took with me to my first ever performance show earlier this month. They served me very well!!
The first was based off your Performance Spotlight post about Handy Hunters. I've loved that post for a long time and finally had the perfect opportunity to make and show my own two option trot fence, thanks to your photos. 
My other entry for that class was all thanks to a post talking about how hunter jumps can be made more interesting than just stained wood and flowers. I don't think the photos were yours, but you helped me find them!
I  had a blast making them both and couldn't have done it without your amazing blog!

Thank you so much for the continued inspiration. 
Finally, my friend Regan sent a group of photos from her son's field trip to Bartel's Farm in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Because donkey! 
Thank you, Aurelia, Anna and Regan.  Inspiration works both ways, and I get as much from you as you do from me.  Please keep the stories and pictures coming!  


  1. Replies
    1. I do, too! I would have never thought to make it that way, but it totally works.


  2. The pipe cleaner shipping halter is ingenious!

  3. That donkey was in ecstasy when I scratched his chest. I think he appreciated that I wasn't trying to feed him bedding or corn stalks, and I was an adult who had a clue just where a donkey might be itchy. He made the greatest faces!