Friday, May 31, 2013

Springmathing wrap up

I would be remiss if I concluded my Springamathing coverage without discussing the happy surprise that was the Novice Performance division.  Historically, novice divisions have not fared well in Colorado, so I was expecting mostly empty classes with a few entries decked out in Breyer tack.  

That's not what I got.
The Western division included two minis owned by Melissa Addison and their tack was worthy of that magnifying glass.  I can't remember who made this set (sorry!)... 
but this little lovely was made by none other than Carol Williams.  According to Melissa, it's the only stablemate scale saddle Carol ever built! 
Barb Horncastle's pair of ISH's where just as well dressed, each wearing a Terry Newberry saddle.  Beautiful! 
This is Barb's English entry--so cute and also very correct. 
Thanks so much to Melissa and Barb for competing in the Springamathing Novice Performance division.  I really enjoyed judging your wonderful entries!

And speaking of judging, my Springmathing judges' model is still available for purchase.
I'm having trouble upgrading my MH$P account, so posting photos here instead.  If anyone is interested, I'm asking $200 plus $15 for shipping. 
That's it for Springamathing.  Tomorrow we start working towards NAN!


  1. So pretty! I would love to go to NAN, but my models would get creamed! :) Good luck though!

  2. I'm not going to NAN either. I just have a whole bunch of tack I have to make really fast so that Tiffany's NAN experience is all it can be!


  3. I wish I had money now! I would love to buy the model but can't until my saddle and camera is paid off

  4. I wish I could have that horse!!! But, out of money.

  5. Jennifer - thank you so much for posting my kids! The tack set on the Morgan is by Kelly Dorman. And as far as I know that SM set on the Appie is the only one Carol Williams ever made. I got it in 1986 at a show and just held onto it - finally - 27 years later I got to use it for the first time at a show! Thank you for judging and for answering questions both about my entries and explaining your placings in the Open division. It was a great experience!

    1. Thanks for the additional information, Melissa. The Dorman saddle is really nice so I'm glad to have the tackmaker identified. Love that little Williams saddle, too!

  6. Hii!!! I'm a stable mate tack maker, and boy have you really helped me!! Wow, I have learned how to make easy adjustable stirrups here too!! I really love your blog :D