Saturday, May 4, 2013

Derby day

Although part of me really wanted to cheer Rev...
James Buxton photo
-olutionary to a win in today's Kentucky Derby...
Steve Haskin photo
 I couldn't be more pleased the final result.
HRTV photo
 Congratulations, Team Orb!
Steve Haskin photo
And good luck in the Preakness!


  1. I was also cheering for Revolutionary, but I'm happy for Orb. It's great to see a homebred win, and for a great trainer to finally get his Derby!

  2. Me and my family sat down and watched the derby today, my mom wanted Mylute to win but I wasn't sure who I wanted to win.But i was pretty happy when Orb won, apparently he was trained in my home state, he might have trained one town away from us so that was pretty cool.

  3. I actually had picked Orb to win!! Something about him, i just like. Hopefully he can win the Triple Crown!!

  4. I also did not have Orb as my favorite (had to go with Normandy Invasion, since Normandy Beach, NJ is "my" beach town), but I, too, am extremely happy with the results. What a deserving horse and trainer, and a spectacular win for the Phippses and Janneys, a couple of the First Families of racing!

    This guy has the class and the pedigree to go all the way. Shug says he's more worried about the Preakness than the Belmont, so we shall see.

  5. I wasn't thinking Orb would win as well, but, congrats on a great race anyway! Hope you can grasp the Triple Crown!