Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Every now and then, I start thinking that I have this whole miniature tack thing worked out.  Then I compare my work...
to the real thing...
and I realize that I still have a long way to go!


  1. How could you POSSIBLY be dissatisfied with that bridle???? I think it looks AMAZINGLY like the real thing and I bet it's future owner will, too!

  2. Wow! Your work is still amazing! Keep it up!

  3. I'm humbled by looking at your tack, if that helps. :)

  4. This is how it goes for me. I spent all day making that browband, or more accurately, making three separate versions of that browband. I got to this one and thought, "YAY! That's it! Woo hoo!" I put it on the bridle and then decided to take pictures still thinking this was all awesome. Then, I open up the pictures and put them side by side with the reference shot. Oh.... Now my inner dialogue goes like this, "Oh, that's not as good as I thought. Look at the scale issues. The throatlatch should be a bit finer and the browband is SO wide and it's not quite tight enough around that crown piece and..."

    On the plus side, I'm still pleased with the parts of the bridle that aren't in the photo. In particular, I am enamored with the raised and laced reins with realistic stud hooks. Those look really good to me and I am not going to shatter my illusions with another side by side comparison!


  5. It's those unhappy lightbulb moments that propel us forward, though :) I have a love/hate relationship with them.

  6. I've had a very bad day but you just made it wonderful, Jennifer! I'm so excited to be the owner of this really AWESOME bridle and the saddle that goes with it! Thank you Thank you! I'm delighted!!!!

    1. So happy to be a help. It's your opinion that matters the most, Jane, and I really hope you will think this set is worth the *very* long wait!

  7. I honestly thought that first photo WAS real!

  8. Uh . . . you don't really have that far to go.

    Seriously, I recently got out the racing and hunter tack we bought from . . . I won't mention names, but it was a highly-respected tackmaker, in 1989, and the difference between what was high-end then and what is high-end now is shocking. Nobody was even thinking of beaded browbands then, much less fretting over whether or not they were realistic enough. Your stuff looks terrific!

  9. Jennifer your work is awesome! Plus you have to remember in miniature very few people will be looking THAT close to the tiny details. Take a step back, tack a deep breath and look from a reasonably close viewing distance. The photo I saw on my monitor is WAY bigger than a model horse bridle.
    Plus if you are interested I can tell you about nano beads. If the scale bothers you that much :)

  10. I do like the way the bridle looks when viewed in real life. However, the side by side comparison reminded me that if it was a real bridle, it would be pretty clunky.

    Honestly, I'm not sure there's a real solution to this problem. I make tack for showers and it needs to sturdy. The straps on this bridle (and nearly all my bridles) are 1/16" wide. I can go smaller, but doing so sacrifices durability. I understand the trade off and mostly I am fine with it.


    The throatlatch will always bother me. Years ago I made my throatlatches much more in scale. You can see some examples of that in this post. I really liked that look, but the trade off was increased fiddly-ness and no tongue buckle on the throatlatch. I had several customers complain and ask for a wider strap with a buckle. Over time, the arrangement I use now became my default. Mostly I'm ok with the way it looks, but it's always going to bother me when enlarged and compared to a real bridle. Always.

    And yes! I'd love to see the nano beads!

  11. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-cee6veAau2A/UZ9oXO-SK-I/AAAAAAAADWs/53xukUA_bvA/s140/005.JPG the nano beads are circled in red. Mine happen to be .5mm but they do come in larger sizes as well. They are called nano beads, micro beads and no hole beads. And they are TINY.