Saturday, June 1, 2013

Working weekend

Yesterday evening, Ryan, James, Aric and Seth piled into the speeding Jetta...
and headed up to the mountains for a two night camping trip. 
I like camping, but NAN is less than three weeks away.  I desperately need to get moving on my NAN orders, particularly Tiffany's harness.  So instead of camping with the family, I decided to stay home and work on tack (and maybe play a little bit of keepaway with the girls!).
And so far, that's what I've done.  I took a little break when Carol came over for lunch, and again when Teresa and her mother came to show off Teresa's new car.
Other than that, however, it's been all nose to the grindstone.  The harness breastplate and crupper are done, and the bridle "just" needs blinker stays, a curb chain and lines.
I'm off to procure some dinner, but once I've eaten I plan to log another couple hours in the studio.  I would really love to have the bridle finished and the surcingle started before the happy campers return home.


  1. You have me movated now! I really need to finish two western saddles and start 3! Gotta have them finished by the 14th.... :p

  2. You sound busy. Keep up the good work!

  3. Great job! Keep working, and you could be done with some breathing room before NAN!