Thursday, May 2, 2013

Munday, Munday

Like most tackmakers, I'm also a tack collector.  I've been pining for an Evelyn Munday saddle ever since my visit with Susan Bensema Young last year, and today--finally!--my saddle arrived.
 Words can not describe the exquisiteness of Evelyn's tooling.
This saddle is perfection... 
from every angle! 
Of course, it didn't take long before I decided it would be best admired on a horse. 
Doesn't Princess Trillium look wonderful with her Darla doll, Munday saddle and Corbett bridle?  I think that after she's done with the parade class at Springamathing, she might have to get dressed up in her ranch clothes and chase some cows!
Thank you so much for the amazing saddle, Evelyn.  This is truly one of the best model saddles I have ever seen!


  1. Oh my goodness!! That saddle is to die for! You're going to have a hard time getting cows to run away from Princess, they'll be admiring the saddle! ;)

  2. I would really like to add one of Evelyn's saddles to my collection too! But her ebay auctions are never set up to allow bids from overseas, very frustrating!

  3. I think I might have been bidding against you on that one.... I've been trying to get one of hers for a while!

    1. I've bid on several, too. I really wanted one that was tan, fully tooled and without extra silver. This one fit the bill perfectly, and stayed (just!) within my price range. Woo hoo!

      You won't have to bid against me next time--I promise!

  4. I LOVE Evelyn's tooling! I would love to have some full size stuff like that, even if just a belt or a wallet. I hope one day I'll have enough extra money sitting around to jump on one of her saddles!