Saturday, May 18, 2013


As much as I like Gary Stevens (and Calumet Farm), I did not enjoy today's race.
Winslow Townson/USA Today Sports photo
Oh well.  At least the rest of the day was good.   
I got to spend the morning with my favorite goofy Arab...
and came home to a box of goodies from Rio Rondo.
There won't be a Triple Crown winner in 2013, but hope springs eternal.  Here's looking forward to 2014!


  1. I can say I was as disappointed as you were at the race. Luck you had so much other stuff to do to!

  2. I'm severly dissapointed too. I've never seen a Triple Crown winner, and i sooo wanted it to be this year! Oh well, i think Oxbow is gorgeous!! :)

  3. Im with you, I wasn't to happy either my whole family was silent. But at least spend time doing something fun! :D

  4. I am so disappointed by the race. I would really like to see a horse of this era win the triple crown!!


    (The last triple crown winner was in 1978, Affirmed, by "this era" I mean 2000-).

  5. I was nine when Affirmed won the Triple Crown. It was my first year watching racing, and of course I was completely, head over heels, madly in love with him. Since he was based in California, I even got to see him on a couple occasions. I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven.

    I will probably never again be THAT invested in a race horse, but I really do want to see another Triple Crown winner. I would have never guessed that thirty five years later, we'd still be waiting.

  6. We're planning to go to the Belmont Stakes this year for the first time, so we're all bummed!

  7. I'm beginning to wonder if I will see a Triple Crown winner in my lifetime.

  8. Last time a triple crown was this long without a winner, we got secretariat so I'm hoping for a really good horse! Barbaro would have been a triple crown winner! Too bad about the laminitis tho