Sunday, May 26, 2013


Wow!  That was a fun show.  I am still recovering from all the excitement, but I thought I'd make a quick list of some of the things that made yesterday awesome.

Roundapony, Karen Gerhardt Roundabout resin customized by Jennifer Buxton and  painted by Jennifer Scott
2. Visiting with my very first hobby friend, Jean, for the first time since 1991!
 I met Jean through a pen pal ad in Just About Horses magazine
3. Judging a performance division...
filled with outstanding entries.... 
Lu Heater's cutter
 and worthy champions.
Sandy Lyle's Lonesome Dove, Overall Performance Champion
4.  A Novice Performance division that was almost as good as the Open!
Melissa Addison's Pillager's Debauchery, Overall Novice Performance Champion
5. Winning not one...
Quiver's matte Morgan is for sale
but two trophy models in the Custom Halter division. 
Khompounded Interest's glossy Morgan is not
6. Jim West's kilt.
 7. Beowulf.
 8. 8.  Seeing 'The Victrix" in the flesh.
Carol Johnson's Second to None, Carol Williams' Victrix resin painted by Liz Shaw
 Sigh.  She's even more amazing in person.
 9. The rest of Carol Johnson's showstring.
Mhasterpiece, Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig Orinoco resin painted by Carol Williams 
and owned by Carol Johson
10. Watching the model...
Jennifer Scott
Nick Grahn
Kirsten Wellman
in action!
Jennifer Scott and Jackie Arns-Rossi
11. Presents from friends!
 12. Post show dinner and drinks...
at California Pizza Kitchen.
13.  Did I mention Roundapony?
A million thanks to Heather Roell and the Peter Stone Company for putting on such a great show.  I can't wait to do it again next year!!!


  1. WOW!! Roundapony looks amazing. I wish I could have made it to the show. I just wish I was at the show to see Victrix. Her details are one-in-a-million.


  2. Whoohoo. I see a second place ribbon in front of Nicolo :)

    1. Good eyes! Nicolo placed second in the Carriage Breed class. One of my other new horses, Sangria, also brought home a red ribbon. Poor Queen B was shut out, but that QH class was crazy competitive. Actually, the whole resin division was super tough. I was really happy to receive as many ribbons as I did, regardless of color!

  3. Wow! so lucky! I cannot believe you got to see Victrix in person! If I ever did so I think I would faint. lol :)

    Roundpony is adorable! :)It is awsome you got to see Beowulf! was he doing performance? lol :D

    I love Mini Performance!!!!

  4. Great show!! Wish I could have been there!
    It's good to see Teresa is showing that BHR Loper she got from me. :)

  5. Looks like you had a great time! I love Roundapony! He is so cute :) Also Congratulations on winning two of the trophy models! How much are you asking for the Matte one?

    1. The trophy model is sold, but my judges' model is still up for grabs. He's a glossy paint ISH (same pattern as the trophy) with windswept mane and the Morgan tail. Hopefully, I'll have him listed on MH$P later today. Tried to do it a few minutes ago but the photo uploader was giving me fits! :/

    2. How much is the Judges Model? Sounds like a gorgeous horse :)

  6. Looked awesome! One of my goals is to sometime get to see Victrix in person. All that detail is just mindblowing!!! Like, seriously, how do you do that?! Great pics, thanks for sharing!