Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Deja vu

Another day, another snow storm.
 Another day, another broken dog.
Another day, another group...
of resins...
 and customs...
has been added to the My Collection page.  Enjoy!


  1. That spotted donkey is the cutest thing I've seen all week!

    I love seeing pictures of your dogs, by the way. We lost ours in November (at a ripe old age; I can't really complain). She was an American Eskimo dog; we have a soft spot for dogs with fox faces.

  2. What a beautiful dog! She reminds me of my own best-dog-ever, Abbie. Foxy dogs are the best!

  3. I keep thinking that I'd love to live in the beautiful landscape in Colorado, then keep seeing your reports of snowfall! The town I go to school in already has enough snow for me. I think I'll stick to visiting Colorado for now.

    1. This year has been really weird. We had almost no snow in December, January or February and then TONS in late March/all of April. Of course, in between storms it's been warm and sunny. It was 82 on Monday, mid 60's Tuesday, snowy ALL day Wednesday and today was sunny and back in the 50's. Crazy weather!

    2. Sounds almost exactly like my town. Last week of April was sunny and warm, then it snowed on the weekend. This week's been lovely (except for the rain), and I'm crossing my fingers that it stays that way through finals.

  4. LBC's Eskie DOES look a lot like Abbie! I was thinking of her at Rolex, by the way... looking at all the dogs there reminded me of the grand life Abbie led with you on the horse show circuit. I didn't see any "foxy-looking" dogs at Rolex at all, unless you count German Shepherds, of which (surprisingly to me) there were a great may. Also the usual complement of JRTs and Corgis.

    I saw one (1) Springer and would have talked to his/her parents but they were heading in the opposite direction at a rapid clip and I didn't have time to run them down, and one absolutely stunning Irish Setter. Just the prettiest Setter I've seen a long, long time (and that includes the dog show I went to in Feb.).

    I also saw a number of teeny-tiny "purse dogs" which were, in fact, being toted around in carriers. Between the horse-and-dog-watching at the event, I barely noticed the people! :-)

    (I DID notice Boyd Martin signing autographs for a gaggle of squealing teenagers. I may or may not have taken his picture myself... yummm-eee!)

  5. Abbie certainly spent a lot of time at the Kentucky Horse Park so going there would remind me of her as well!

    Abbie was unique as far horse show dogs go. In all the years I lived on the circuit, don't remember seeing another Eskie type at a horse show. For better or worse, everyone knew exactly whose dog she was.

    One example of the "for worse": One year at Ocala, she got loose in the main hunter ring and would not let herself be caught or removed. I was paged to the ring, and I couldn't catch her either. The whole (huge) show was held up for my dog, and we came perilously close to incurring a fine. In hindsight, it occurs to me that's a typical Abbie story. She always knew exactly where the line was!

    Another story--there was a short time early in our relationship when Seth and I were a long distance couple. I lived in Memphis, and he was in Kansas City. We decided to "meet in the middle" for the St. Louis National Charity Show. I was busy working, and he got bored sitting around so he took Abbie for a walk. He came back and reported that everywhere he went, people looked at him and said, "Hi Abbie" while giving him the once over. Ha!

    Good memories. Thanks for making me think of them!