Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lunch ride

One of the best things about the barn where Rev lives is its easy access to miles and miles of Aurora Open Space trails.  Today, I joined a group of other riders for a lunch ride to Emil-lene's Sirloin House in the Star K Ranch area.
Aside from me, all the other members of our group were accomplished endurance riders.  Right at the beginning they asked me if I was ok with trotting, and I made the mistake of saying yes.  Holy, moley!   When endurance riders trot they really trot. And trot and trot and trot and trot!.
 With so much trotting, I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I usually do...
Still, I managed to get some nice ones.
Judy on Lucy
The trails reminded me of those I rode during my youth in Southern California, with a mix of urban...
and rural vistas.
A big blue heron scooped a fish out of this stream moments before I snapped the photo.  We also saw a coyote.
This photo was taken underneath Colfax Avenue.
Thanks to all the precipitation we've been getting lately, the trails were very green and there were lots of small water crossings.  
Diana and Guaranteed followed by Pat and Freeze Frame
Rev did really well, and we were having a great if somewhat exhausting time (all that trotting!)...
until we reached our destination.
All the experienced trail horses were content to be tied up outside the restaurant,
but Rev made it very clear that he was not ok with this plan. 
Fortunately, there was another option.  He didn't like this either, at least not at first. 
Eventually though, he settled down and relaxed. 
The restaurant wasn't much to look at from the outside, but the food was plentiful and surprisingly affordable.  
And you know, I pretty much like any restaurant with its own horse parking lot.
After lunch, we headed back to the barn, and wouldn't you know--we trotted almost the whole way home!
It's been decades since I've been on a lunch ride so this really was a treat for me.  I am equal parts happy and exhausted--what a wonderful way to spend a day!


  1. I'm really glad you guys got to enjoy the ride and that you had nice weather.

  2. Oh, that looks like waaaay too much fun (and trotting) Jennifer!

  3. How much fun! I love Freeze Frame! I looked at her to buy but she was out of my price range. Very nice little mare, is that her new owner or is Linda still doing endurance races with her and having her on the sales market?

  4. It really was a fun day. The weather was perfect and Rev was great. I just need to be in better shape and have a cushier saddle before I head out on another two hour trot ride!

    I remember you tried a couple horses at Kenlyn, Christie, but I didn't know one was Freeze Frame. She is a CUTE and definitely seems to be thriving with her new owner, Pat.

  5. I've never seen a horse parking lot before! Very cool.

  6. I so wish we had horse parking lots lol your so lucky that looked sooo much fun!!

  7. Believe it or not, this was not my first experience with restaurants that cater to riders. When I was a teenager, I spent a couple years riding in one of California's best known canyons, the Arroyo Seco. Usually we headed into the mountains and the Angeles National Forest, but sometimes we'd go the other way and head to the Rose Bowl. There was a restaurant in that vicinity that had a hitching rail. We'd tie the horses up, and go inside for a nice brunch. Unfortunately, I have no pictures from one of those rides, but believe me, I enjoyed them every bit as much as I did the ride to Emil-lene's yesterday!

  8. OOOOH, color me green!! I have alwaysalwaysalways wanted to do something like this. I've been on plenty of trail rides where I packed a lunch, but never to a real restaurant with a "horse parking lot." How awesome. Glad Rev finally decided he could be left and you were able to eat! Also glad he was a good boy about all the water crossings.

    I would not care to trot in an un-cushy English saddle for hours, either. Whew and ouch.