Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Touch of Pink

As I mentioned earlier, I did not come from the Red Devil Live Show empty handed.  In addition to my NAN show string and awards, there were not one but two Purdy new ponies.  You've already met my Stoneleigh Surprise, but here he is again with his little sister, Touch of Pink.
Pinky is a customized Breyer Eberl Haflinger with a Breyer Classic Arab Stallion head. 
She was created by Tiffany Purdy, who successfully showed her in the English divisions at this year's NAN and Breyerfest.
Now she's come to live with me. 
Thanks, Tiffany.  I just love my cute new girl!


  1. SHES SO CUTE!!!! About how much did you pay for her?

  2. I love your new little pony! I saw her Breyerfest. Tiffany comes up with the most unique combinations and they work!

  3. I got to know your girl at the IL shows. She is gorgeous! I'm so envious!