Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vacation horses 1979

When I was ten years old, my family vacationed in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. 
We didn't go on a lot of trips, so I was pretty excited about this one.  So excited, in fact, that I almost didn't mind having to skip my weekly riding lesson.  


I'd just started taking lessons that summer, and the prospect of missing even one seemed like a terrible hardship.  As much as I wanted to spend a week at the beach, I really hated to lose that hour in the saddle.

Fortunately, it turned out that I didn't have to.  The beaches of Baja Mexico were scattered with small strings of skinny rental horses.  I begged and pleaded and my parents agreed to pay for a ride.
I was assigned a chestnut mare name Paloma. 
Erin rode a liver chestnut.
This was the year that The Black Stallion was released in movie theaters, so of course I had all kinds of romantic ideas about galloping Paloma through the waves. 
Paloma wasn't harboring any similar Cass Ole fantasies.
I managed to get her into the water, but she really made me work for it. 
This was the first and last time I've ever ridden on the beach. 
Maybe someday I'll repeat the experience on another vacation horse!


  1. What a nice little post. I really enjoyed the story about your beach vacation and the accompanying pictures. I know exactly how you felt. My first trail ride at a rental ranch I was ready to gallop across a field on the gorgeous horse of my dreams. Not exactly what happened. ;) It was still a great experience.

  2. Wow! How long are those horses?! XD

    I've only ridden on the beach once (twice on the same holiday on the same pony so it's technically still only once. :P) and it was amazing, if slightly terrifying! I was a really nervous rider and asked for their quietest horse...who turned out to be a 20+ year old 13.2hh Highland mare who was a LOT more spry than she let on! Thanks to her we ended up setting off the entire ride, going for AWOL canters and eventually had me clinging onto her neck for dear life when she decided to rub her bridle off and then trot away from the ride while everyone else died laughing at me! XD

    (I'm on the left with Jazz)

  3. now those are the sort of beaches i want to ride on, not these crummy mud flats ive had to make do with here.
    im sorry, i know its great to ride on a beach and that but i remember thinking thats the last thing I wanted to do here when i was riding haha, although they are absolutely FANTASTIC in summer time to go out and swimming with the horses, that part I do miss