Monday, August 13, 2012

Vacation horses

Although we've petted a few noses...
 and found evidence of horses....
Griffith Observatory
on every stop of our Los Angeles tour...
Avila Adobe, Olvera Street
my favorite vacation horses are those living in my parents' basement.  Here's a look at a few of the most notable members of my California collection.
Pancho is the oldest of the group.  He is a Marx Johnny West Pancho that originally belonged to my sister, Colleen.  The wires around his neck, body and tail are literally holding him together.  The glue that used to do that job has long since disintegrated. 
Spotty/Splash is an American Character Bonanza horse and another member of Colleen's former herd.  
He is small traditional scale and has ball bearings in three of his hooves.
The plastic tack that came with him has long since disappeared.  It was replaced with a custom made yarn and twist tie bridle with wire bit.
He also has a replacement tail, hand made by me from sewing thread and scotch tape!
Lightning, the Alabaster Rearing Stallion, was Colleen's first Breyer.  He is shown with his brother, Morgan, who belonged to me.
Cayenne is a lot newer, but no less loved. 
He is wearing another early piece of BCS tack.  All the joins on this halter are sewn together.  Glue would have been easier, but it wouldn't stick to the pleather! 
This chestnut Cantering Welsh Pony belonged to my friend, Cindy.  I admired him for years and was so pleased when she gifted him to me. 
And then...  There's this guy. 
I remember every little thing about the first six horses in this post--their names, their personalities, where they came from, how old I was when I got them...  This one, however, is a total mystery.  I think I may have bought him at a flea market right before I left for college.  Or not.  In any case, he's  quite lovely despite that folded up ear!
Although my mother would really like to see these horses find another home, I look forward to rediscovering them with every visit.  Maybe someday I'll take them away, but for now I think they're happy in her basement!


  1. What a delight to see old Pancho, one of my own Johnny West favorites. Lost to time alas! along with their Buffalo. I still have my Overo Paint, named Minnowfire, doubtless because I'd just waded through Hiawatha --! I made a yarn tail for my Johnny West palomino, Blaze, also gone. :( You are lucky to still have these.

  2. The last one looks like a classic Breyer Terrang. It's probably the 1975-1990 run, which was a dark bay/brown. the color doesn't match perfectly, but there was probably a lot of variation in the 15 years of the run.

  3. The packrat gene is both a blessing and a curse. I'm glad my mother has it, but sometimes I wish that I did not!

    Anon--He's definitely a Terrang. He's too old to be anything else. Those old Love classics didn't come in different names and colors way back when! It's just weird that I don't remember what I named him or where I got him or how much he cost or...


  4. The last one is a Terrang, I've owned this one myself. And mine had this funny folded ear too.. :)
    Nice to see this old horses!

  5. I totally know what you mean about visiting the collection. I still have horses and action figures and stuffed animals and other goodies at my parents' house. I know mom would like me to take them, but they belong there so well it's much better to visit them in their own world.

  6. I would looooove to have that terrang. That's an oldie but goodie!

  7. Hey, surely you remember that I have MY Pancho!
    LOVE that boy dearly, in no small part because of how I acquired him. :-)

    Very cool rearing stallion. I've always admired that mold but have never had one. I remember seeing a photo somewhere of someone's shelves that were absolutely lined with them - like 50, at least. Guess they came in many, many colors!

    My mother sold the family homestead after my dad died, so I have all of my remaining childhood toys. Many horses went missing, alas. I'd give a lot to get my hands on my Palomino 5-Gaiter or Dark Bay Standardbred, for starters...

  8. That horse the last one remineds me of a very special friend, Tivvy