Thursday, August 9, 2012

Model horses as art

I know they're art, you know they're art and apparently the curator for the Parker Arts, Culture & Events (PACE) Center agrees.

Last weekend Ryan and I drove out to the PACE Center in Parker, Colorado to view the "Pure Spirit: Focus on Contemporary Equine Art" exhibit, featuring works by four artists from the Rocky Mountain region.
One of those artists is the well known hobby sculptor and painter, Karen Gerhardt.
Do you see what I see?
There it is again. 
Beautiful, sparkly model horses displayed as art! 
All the models featured in this exhibit were sculpted and finished by Karen.  
Because of their turned heads, both Optime, the Arab, and Boreas, the Percheron, are hard to photograph.  
Fortunately, both Ryan...
and I like a challenge!
Another pedestal, holds a Streetwise and a Heart of Darkness. 
Like all of Karen's sculptures, this lovely boy was produced in both resin and ceramic. 
This particular Streetwise belongs to another Colorado hobbyist, Yashka Hallein. 
The third and last pedestal is home to a Caprice and a Meribel. 
The Caprice is absolutely dazzling in the bright sunlight. 
Little Meribel looks almost dull in comparison.  Unlike the others, she is made of English Bone China rather than Earthenware.
It's really nice to see model horses displayed this way.  Despite his initial reservations about accompanying me on this trip, even Ryan was impressed!
The Pure Spirit exhibit runs through August 15th at the Pace Center in Parker.  Local hobbyists, be sure to see it before it closes!


  1. WOW - those are super-looking clinkys! (See, I've learned some of your lingo :-) What a fun thing to do/see. I can imagine what Ryan said, but if I dragged my son along he probably would enjoy it, too, LOL.

  2. LOVED this report, Jennifer! Thank you and thanks to Ryan too!

  3. It is so good to be able to see this display, as if we were there. Much appreciated by the curious but out-of-town-ers!
    As if I needed more motivation to collect clinkies...

  4. WOW! Those are exquisit!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, Jennifer! Loved the next post as well - the horse sculpture made from found items was just too neat!