Friday, August 10, 2012

More horse art

Karen Gerhardt wasn't the only artist featured in the PACE Center's Pure Spirit: Focus on Contemporary Equine Art exhibit.  Three other artists had their work displayed both in the Bellco Credit Union Gallery and throughout the PACE Center's atrium.
Suzanne Betz  from Taos, New Mexico contributed several mostly black and white pieces including these panels...
and this painting.
In contrast, Tracy Miller's work was all about color and included animals other than horses.
Suzanne Betz hails from Manitou Springs, Colorado.
Horse of a different color.
The fourth featured artist, Lyle Nichols from Palisade, Colorado, contributed just one piece to the exhibit.
Like the name indicates, this sculpture is tall.
It's also interactive. 
Who can resist a challenge like that?  Not Ryan and I.
Cheese grater! 
One combination padlock! 
One large chain hook! 
We didn't actually find everything on the list, but we sure had fun looking.
Many thanks to the PACE Center in Parker, Colorado for  hosting the Pure Spirit exhibit.  It is always a pleasure to see equine art in the spotlight.


  1. Funny how the big horse looks like the Lonesome Glory mold.

  2. Swamp Tree, I thought the exact same thing! (Jenn, I hope you're proud of me...)

  3. I am! I'm also kind of disappointed that I *didn't* see the resemblance... at least not right away. I think it was a not seeing the forest for the trees type of thing. In the picture, it's obvious. In person, however, all I was seeing was springs and can openers and locks and...