Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rat hats revisited

When I told Tiffany I was making rat hats, her first reaction was to inquire about the color.  I laughed and told her that the rat hats were not pink leopard print.  Obviously that would have been the best possible color choice, but sadly the hobby store only stocks two colors--red and white.
If I had any sense, I would have left it at that.  However, it occurred to me that I could make those red hats pink.  All I needed was a little bit of craft paint and an old paint brush...
Once that was done, I added a pink hat band and pink feather.  It's not leopard print, but this rat hat is still mighty Purdylicious! 
And look!  It's not just a rat hat, it's a mule hat, too! 
Can anyone think of a performance event for Emma and her rat hat?  She looks so darn cute in it that it would be a shame to leave it at home.


  1. Well...........

    if she had a whole costume she could be in a Halloween costume class!!!!


  2. "Purdylicious" - I LOVE the term! The hat looks wonderful on the mule too. You could do a parade or dress-up entry, something like that mini horse you showed here (the one that got back at the little girl for putting him in the costume).

  3. I'd go costume class. Emma looks a bit grumpy, though I'm not sure why, that is one sweet looking hat!

  4. I see a whole set of sparkly pink tack for a young girl in a parade.

  5. Emma looks darn cute and is born to wear a hat with her backward turned ears! I agree with the other comments for show possibilities.
    Now I`d like to see the "purdylicious" hat on your rats!

    Greetings from Germany, Doreen

  6. Yeah, costume class. Use Rosie as your template ;-)

  7. So cute! Maybe you could have a little girl dressing Emma up in pink clothes? Just a little thought I thought I'd pass by you.

  8. If you have a harness that fits, she could be one of the New Orleans mules.

    -Heather Larkins

  9. Hmmmm... This show does have a Other Costume class but it's combined with Parade. I have a Parade saddle so that would be soooooo much easier. Still, the funny costume idea is tempting. It's mule show appropriate and I do have a little pink gymkhana doll.

    Decisions, decisions!