Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shedding season

There may be snow in the mountains, but Spring has arrived in Colorado.
The weather is warm, the pastures are turning green...
and the pony is shedding!
It seems like I've done nothing but groom Trillium this week. 
The ground around the hitching rail is littered with little Trillium colored horse hair pancakes. 
Despite that, it doesn't seem to matter how much I curry her...
the hair is never ending!
Don't get me wrong--I really, really like my fuzzy winter pony.
Still, I'm looking forward to finding the sleek and shiny summer pony I know is hiding beneath all that hair!


  1. ME TOO! I am tired of eating hair!

  2. That is the most beautiful picture of you on Trillium! I really think that is frame-worthy.

  3. Yup, fuzzy winter ponies are cute but grooming them is a nightmare - the hair is everywhere, even in the air :<

    Trillium is beautiful, I love her dapples!

  4. Teresa--At least your boy was *clipped*. Trillium is smaller, but I bet she has twice as much hair!

    Karen--Thanks! Trillium is so pretty that I think being in proximity to her makes me look good. Or draws attention away from the way I really look. Or something!

    Mangalarga--Wait until you see her summer dapples. They are amazing!

  5. Jen & Theresa!

    You guys need shedding flowers!!

    MUCH easier to tap out than curries and no hair sticks to them!! :)


  6. Oh yay! Another reason to go to Dover!


  7. Chiming in to say, YES, the shedding flower is fantastic! Only thing I don't care for about it is your hand gets really filthy, as the dirt comes right through. Other than that it's terrific. You can use it in a circular motion or just straight up and down, either way it'll get off a ton of hair. And the best part? They're CHEAP!! :-) Definitely something you can add to your grooming kit without feeling guilty.