Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NOT Fred

Several years ago, I sent Tiffany a big box of unpainted resins.  Since then, she's been slowing working her way through the pile.  About a month ago, this Orgulhoso made his way to the top.
Tiffany customized his tail, gave him a spiffy new paint job and, with my blessings, took him to a horse show.  I was sitting in the emergency room with my son Ryan when I received a text message with this picture.
"Yay!" I texted back.  And then it occurred to me--we hadn't discussed names.  Quickly I sent another text asking, "What's his name?"

"Fred," she answered.

"No," I said.

"Frederico Suave?" she asked.

I countered that with, "How about Estudioso?"

At that point, I thought the name issue had been resolved.  I was wrong.  A couple weeks later I got another text.  It proclaimed, "Fred is a winner!"
The horse whose name is NOT Fred arrived in Colorado today.
He is absolutely beautiful. 
I especially love his face.
This is my first grey Purdy horse but it won't be my last.
I love, love, love his soft "older horse" dapples!
I'm not sure about that signature, though. 
Sigh.  How many times do I have to tell Tiffany that his name is NOT Fred!?!


  1. His name is definitely Fred...belly says so:)

  2. No.

    No, no, no, NO!

    His name is NOT Fred!!

  3. There's something to be said about a horse named Fred...

  4. But... But... Frederico Suave is COOL!

    and too late. He will always be Fred. You're stuck

  5. he will go well with Frank ;)

    I have a song you have to hear regarding Fred.

  6. Fred can always be his barn name. His show name NOT Fred.

  7. What a gorgeous horse! And what a great name "Fred"....

    Just think how fantastic it will be to hear Frederico Suave announced as winning all those classes.


  8. Fred or no....his is spectacular. You have an amazing collection but I have to say he's right at the top for me. If he ever needs a new home.....

  9. You have so many readers that now he will be nationally recognised as Fred, just to frustrate you. :)


  10. Heck I would make his official name "NOT Fred" just because.

  11. I thought his name was:

    Just kidding!
    Whatever his name, he's gorgeous as usual.

  12. Wow, he came out beautiful!! And he looks so spiffy with the double sided braided mane and mud knot tail. I'm so glad he finally got some "clothes" and that you're pleased with him! And, no he's most definitely not a "Fred"!! ;-) Dagmar

  13. Oh, good! I was hoping you would see him, Dagmar. It took a long time to get him finished, but I am so pleased with the way he turned out. Definitely worth the wait!

  14. Yes, he most definitely was worth the wait and good luck showing him this weekend! :-) I was very pleased to see him NAN qualify in both halter and performance in his debut. Ha!


    P.S. I like the name you chose for him, too!

  15. Just call him Derf instead. :P
    He's gorgeous whatever he's called though. :D

  16. It came to me over the weekend of MAR. The solution might be to let his belly name be an acronym. My first stab isn't half bad:

    have fun!