Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday at the Horse Expo

I had so much fun at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Friday that I went back for a second helping today.  I was joined by my friends and fellow model horse hobbyists, Jennifer Scott and Teresa Buzzell.
We had a great time wandering around the trade show.
None of us are in the market for a real saddle, but that didn't stop us from looking, touching...
and sometimes wondering!
We also spent some time in the art gallery.
This woman was painting from life or um... YouTube. 
What I want to know is this--do you want to paint my (resin) horse(s)? 
The books booth is always a favorite. 
No comment! 
All three of us wanted the braiding book but all three of us managed to resist.
Other tempting offerings included some rather lovely metal ornaments,
pink plush ponies, 
and new Breyers!
Most of the real horses are over in the barn area, but a few can be found at the trade show.  
These include Susan Harris' painted anatomy model...
as well as a rotating crew of breed representatives.
This is me with Hrokki the Icelandic pony.  Watch out Trillium--he's awfully cute and he's for sale!
Over in the barn area, we met a 3/4 Andalusian who was also for sale.  Admit it, Teresa!  You want to own him.
Our day ended in the Event Center with a little team penning and a whole lot of talk.
Thanks for hanging out with me today, Teresa and Jenn.  I had a great time!


  1. JENN SCOTT! WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR ??!!?? (looks very cute!)

  2. Colored it of course. You all should know by now I change it every time I get ready to see hobby folks. Keeps things interesting. :D

  3. I've got the braiding book, it's pretty cool!Going to try some of them out on my Equorum ponies...

  4. Who's that breyer I see over there? ;D