Friday, March 23, 2012


As of a couple hours ago, my kids are on spring break.  In anticipation of the long and busy week ahead, I spent most of today running errands and doing all the things I won't be able to do while they're out of school.  This didn't leave me a lot of time or energy for blogging, so today I'm dipping into my big box of really old hobby stuff.
This Mini-Tack "catalogue" dates back to the late seventies or early eighties.  Despite the poor picture quality and the brief product descriptions, this little flyer really made an impression on me.  I vividly remember how exciting it was to imagine so many different types of tack. Who knew such things existed?  My friend Sarah and I spent long hours debating which items we wanted the most.
Ultimately, however, we never managed to place an order.   
Some twenty years later, I read a posting on Haynet about Mini-Tack.  I don't remember the specifics, but the gist of the piece was this--the writer had placed an order with Mini Tack but the items were never delivered.
Even though my only real connection to Mini-Tack is this one little catalog, I was strangely disappointed when I read that.
After all, Mini-Tack was the "gateway drug."  I may not have used it myself, but it opened my eyes to the possibilities.  Once I'd been exposed to it, my life was never the same.  
P.S.  I tried my best, but Blogspot's default photo viewer won't let me make the pictures large enough to be readable.  To view them at full size, left click on the photo and select "open link in new tab."  Go to the new tab and click on the photo to enlarge.  


  1. I remember Mini-Tack, but I also never managed to place an order. My first tack was purchased from Fara Shimbo, and I still have the close-contact saddle!

  2. I had a Fara Shimbo saddle and drooled over Sue Rowe's catalog :-)

  3. I wish I still had my first hobby tack purchase. It was a saddle seat saddle made by Carol Howard. I didn't like the panels, so I took them off hoping to "improve" the saddle. That didn't go so well, and I ended up disassembling the whole thing in hopes of figuring out how it was made. I probably do have some of the pieces in a box somewhere, but they no longer look remotely saddle-like!

    I also remember drooling over Sue Rowe's catalog (I had the one with a customized Breyer trakehner on the cover). The only time I ever made a purchase from her, however, was when I had to replace a friend's saddle that Abbie had chewed to bits.

    I remember seeing Fara Shimbo at a show shortly after I moved to Colorado, but I was too shy to say hello!

    Good memories!

  4. I got some stuff from them! The best was a very minimal Native American costume.

  5. that was me...bad touch pad!

  6. I think this was in the late 70's early eighties. I ordered an arabian costume which was red felt with gold tassels attached - I thought it was GREAT! Like you, I think it was one of my earliest exposures to "tack". The arab costume has long since fallen apart but I may have a pic of it somewhere, will have to look. ;-)

  7. I am so glad to hear that Mini-Tack did wasn't a scam and at least a couple people did buy tack from them. Lorrie, I would LOVE to see your pictures! Even after all this time, that catalog still seems a big magical to me.


  8. I ordered a couple of pieces, and was disappointed by the quality. I don't remember what I ordered now, it's been so long, but even I, NOT a tack expert, could tell that the proportions were "off" somehow.

  9. I remember this catalog very well! I spent HOURS pouring over it and planning what to buy...but never placed an order. I remember all of those photos very well. I wish I'd held on to things like that--and am very glad others did. Thanks for posting!