Saturday, March 10, 2012

The poodle's revenge

This poodle pony was one of the top contestants in the miniature horse costume class held yesterday at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.  While he was in the arena, the announcer remarked: If this horse could see himself in a mirror, he would be really, really mad at his owner!  Although the comment was made in jest, I think it may have contained a kernel of truth. 
The pair's next class was Youth Hunter.  Things got off to a good start...
but then the little gelding remembered how it felt to be dressed as a poodle. 
He decided that instead of getting mad...
he would get even.
And you know...
there's nothing more stubborn...
than a pony bent on revenge.
My advice--next time dress him like a Ninja!


  1. Cute story. You gotta love a pony with attitude.


  2. LOL!!! That is CLASSIC!!

    I really wish the model horse costume classes could be this fun. But you try something silly like this and it often gets over looked. Sigh.

  3. That girl's expressions are priceless! How freaking cute! Good for her for trying and having fun!

  4. All kidding aside, both the girl and the pony were really cute. Their first couple jumps were very nice. With just a little bit more practice, they'll be tough competition!