Thursday, January 12, 2012

This and that

Ann's guide dog harness is finished.
It comes with a leather collar and leash.  Thanks so much to everyone who helped me fine tune the design of this particular "tack" item!
And just in case you're wondering about that piece of tin...  That's my not-so-fancy new doll stand!
I hid some micro-magnets in the soles of my doll's boots, and now she stands as well as she rides.
I'm not sure how to camouflage the tin for use at a live show.  As I've noted before, those magnets aren't as strong as I'd originally hoped.  You really can't put much between the magnets and the metal before you lose the holding strength.  Even a piece of notebook paper makes the connection iffy.  Still, this is a pretty nifty way to get a doll to stand securely on her own two feet.  I much prefer this look to that of a traditional doll stand.


  1. There's always sprinkling footing over the metal, so that the boot is still in contact with the stand directly. Messy, yes, but it will get er done. :)

  2. I love the idea of the magnets on the doll's feet you could try painting the metal or if its an arena scene you could put sand around the feet to hide the metal, I also love the dog harness :)

  3. Magnets! Jennifer you are a genius!

  4. I am sure you've already thought of this; but would rice paper work? It's thinner than note paper... Or you could paint it perhaps like Cat suggested. I think you're non-tradition stand looks great tho; I love it. : )

    bonita of A Riding Habit

  5. Brilliant idea! I will have to do that with my one doll I use. And isn't it amazing how hard it is to find a good magnet? Maybe one should try the opposite...metal on/in the boot and magnetic strip under the footing. In the meantime mine gets a round piece of wood and a dowel up her "butt", LOL.

  6. What about more than one magnet on each foot? Looks very neat as is, so more could easily be hidden?

  7. It occurred to me (belatedly) that two magnets per boot were probably the way to go. I expect I'll try that next time around. Unfortunately, I don't have another performance show on my schedule until NAN at the earliest (and that's not set in stone). Kind of makes me unmotivated in regards to fine tuning my own set-ups!

  8. Hi from Italy!
    I love the first pictures!
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  9. love the harness and the collar! i follow your blog but this is my first comment and as for the doll stand like others have said i would cover it with sand in an arena setting

  10. To get more magnet strength, you can also try making the entire sole from the flat black rubber magnets used on the back of refriderator magnets.