Monday, January 16, 2012

Saddle-free performance

How many times have you heard this:  "I'd like to show performance, but I can't afford those expensive saddles."

It's true that tack can be pricey, but there are a lot of set-ups that require very little in the way of tack.  Here's one of them. 
I took these pictures a few days ago at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. This Belgian is working hard in the Souvenir Picture booth, and his only tack is a plain nylon stable halter.
At the bare minimum, this set up requires a standing horse (draft horses or ponies are best) and a "stall" of sorts, preferably with a sign.  If you're a bit more ambitious, you could add a handler and "rider" doll. 
Or...  you can be really inventive and add a step ladder.  After all, it's hard for such a little guy to climb up on such a big horse.
Which reminds me, I do have a ladder in my prop box... and a nice standing Belgian in my showstring!  Hmmmm...  I think I have a halter making session in my future!  


  1. Were they sitting on the longhorn too? :)

  2. Of course! Somewhere in my basement I have a picture of my kids on a Brahman steer at the Stock Show. They were probably 2 and 4 then. I'm not sure they'd be interested in "riding the cow" nowadays!


  3. I love it! Creative performance idea and such a sweet and patient Belgian! I want to sit on him...

  4. I did that at the Stock Show one year, I sat on a lovely shire :-)