Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quiver at NAN

Quiver is new to me, but he's not new to the model show ring.  Tiffany created him in 2010 and took him to that year's NAN in Lexington, Kentucky.  Not surprisingly, he did quite well there, winning Reserve Championship honors in the Artist Resin/Custom Other Performance class with this spectacular bull fighting entry.
Photo by NAMHSA
He was also Top Ten in Artist Resin/Custom Dressage Second Level and Above.
Photo by Tiffany Purdy, used without permission
Now I can't be certain, but I'm assuming that's my tack in the second photo.  Tiffany has two separate traditional sized BCS dressage sets.  One has gold hardware, the other silver.  That's the mark of a true tack addict, folks!    


  1. "used without permission"


  2. It's true--I steal from my friends. Consider yourself warned.

  3. Its not stealing, I just call it long term borrowing....
    Yes, that is your tack in that second photo, the one with the gold hardware, and Kathy Wiggins made the tack in the first picture.
    I could go to tack rehab, but thats for quitters!

  4. I speak for Kathy, Rachel, Shannon and myself when I say: No one wants you to go to rehab!!! We like your tack addicted self and plan to enable you for years to come!!!

    (But I DID consider it stealing when you ran off with Balthazar's endurance bridle. Twice.)

  5. Yep - I'm an enabler too. *sigh* Purdy in rehab means no Haggimonster (the remake of the century) and I still have many more projects for her sitting in my body box. And she really did steal that bridle hoping you wouldn't notice. She confessed. Oops. I wasn't supposed to tell...

  6. Oh, and is it true that Denver is submitting a 2013 bid for NAN?!

  7. She stole that bridle TWICE! Once might have been an accident, but twice? The woman has issues.


    I believe Nancy Dement is putting together a bid for Colorado Springs. That's about an hour south of Denver. Obviously, I'd be delighted if it worked out, but I have no inside information!