Friday, January 13, 2012

My day at the Stock Show

Today I made my annual pilgrimage to the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado.
I try to watch a new event every year, and this year's choice was the AQHA Ranch Horse Classic.  Unfortunately, after getting my kids off to school, battling rush hour traffic, parking near the Wyoming border and standing in the world's slowest ticket line, I missed the Ranch Riding and Ranch Trail classes completely.  I did get to watch them pin the Trail class, though! 
Ranch cutting was next. 
I really enjoyed that and took lots of pictures!
Cutting was followed by Conformation.
Once that ended, I headed over to the Events Center...
to watch hunters, both over fences... 
and under saddle,
equitation horses, 
and jumpers. 
I also found time to walk through the stables...
and the trade show. 
I spied a mini Trillium at the pony ride booth...
and took lots of good reference pictures for the bay parts of Roundapony
It's been a very long, very fun day.  All Friday the thirteenths should be like this!


  1. The Stock Show was a marvelous pilgrimage when I lived in Boulder and Fort Collins. I got so many reference pictures there, especially draft harness. I can't believe your appaloosa pic -- great color! Thanks for letting me 'see' the NWSS as it is now -- it doesn't seem to've changed much.

  2. Love that few spot! Are there more pictures of it?

  3. I loved that Appaloosa, too, and I took a LOT of pictures of him. Unfortunately most are probably kind of bad. I always have a terrible time taking photos in the Events Center. They look ok small, but don't enlarge well.

  4. WANT the pinto. Badly. Flick would kill though. Hopefully we will go soon, but we won't see any particular event :-( So wish I could have gone with you!