Monday, January 23, 2012

Saddle training

The Christmas rats are getting bigger and braver every day, and Ryan has started bringing them to my studio for visits.
Naturally this means we've begun introducing them to tack.  This is Ryan giving Holly a pre-ride pep talk.
Here is he showing her the saddle.  She looks a bit anxious, doesn't she? 
We chose to use the bronc saddle for the first ride.  
It seemed like the most appropriate choice, plus the flank cinch makes a nice rat crupper!
Holly didn't seem to mind the saddle much...
but she did take exception to the Ott Light.
And I took exception to the "presents" she left on my work desk!
She's no Basil, but I'm confident that with time and patience Holly will be a fine saddle rat.  Maybe she'll even give Versatility Ranch Horse a try!


  1. Oh, good grief. Taking pictures of rat poop - where did I go wrong?

  2. I can't help it. This is what happens when you have boy children. Life becomes one big long poop joke!

  3. That 3rd photo is the cutest thing ever

  4. You don't know how much I wish that third picture was actually in focus. Usually I delete pictures of that quality, but it was just SO DARN CUTE that I had to keep (and post) it!

  5. OH please tell me you got your rats from a breeder and NOT a pet store??? If you've seen me on FaceBook, you'd know I'm a rat breeder and a believer in NOT buying ANY animal from a pet store, because it perpetuates the mill breeders that are only in it for the money and don't care about the animals health and well being. I'll get off my soap box now, but I DO just LOVE your work though. LOL @ the rattie raisins, that's just what they do, they have very little control of their bladders or bottoms.

  6. Be thankful it's not chicken poop. LOL
    Lorrie (proud poultry parent)

  7. Agree about that third photo :-)

  8. Amusing to see the first steps to becoming another "saddle rat". The third picture is my favourite, too! To cute not to share! Best wishes from Germany, Doreen

  9. I wanted to comment here; I had pet rats for years. They are so smart, can we get an update on the training of the new saddle rat? I know all of us miss Basil but its nice you have several choices to follow in her footsteps.


  10. Ha! Well My Guinea Pig + Breyer Horse Tack = Cavie Chaos!