Thursday, January 19, 2012

That and this

Alicia's double bridle is finished.  This is going to be paired with a sidesaddle--hence the flat nose and browbands.
Thanks to everyone who has inquired about ordering tack.  My schedule is completely filled for the next several months.  As always, I will post here first when I have new openings.

In the meantime, here's a bridle I made in 2010 for the MEPSA Tackmaking Contest.  It's currently for sale on eBay.  All proceeds will go to benefit one of the model horse hobby's very best clubs.

That's all I have time for today.  That sidesaddle won't make itself, you know!


  1. I am thinking seriously about taking on the task of making a sidesaddle for an ASB SM. EEps!!! I have never made anything in that scale. If it's any good, I'll send pics. Happy late birthday. I'm glad it was good.

    Oh yah, any chance of a tutorial on raised nose and brow bands? Thanks!!
    Jo K.

  2. The bridles look great! Especially that western one!

    What sort of references did you use for the western bridle? I've never seen one like that and its cooL!

  3. Jo--I've already done that tutorial. I can't remember exactly when, search through the Tack Tips and it should come up.

    Serena--You busted me. I don't think I had a specific reference for that bridle. It's not too far out of the ordinary though. I'd say it's a regualar bridle leather headstall that some enterprising games rider dressed up with crystals and tassels!

  4. I actually own that blingy western bridle!!! I love it!!! When I can get my eyes and my hands to work together I will get a pic for you!!

    I have been drooling over your tack for several years now and wishing I could acquire some of it.

    Now I have a BCS bridle!!! WOOT!!!

    (I had to delete my earlier comment as it had several typo's in it!!!)

  5. I've wanted to ask this question for a while, but is there a certain color of dye that you use to match Brandy colored lace? Pre-dyed lace is very handy, but I haven't found a dye color to match it. Thanks!

  6. I've spent the better part of the last ten years trying to figure that one out, Deanna! Every hide dyes differently and the match is never exact. I've had good luck with Fiebings Chocolate dye mixed liberally with Fiebings reducer. Even when the match is inexact, I feel that it's usually close enough, especially since the lace stirrup leathers and lace ends of the girth help to tie everything together.

    On the days when it's not close enough, I over-dye the lace. This solution has its own set of issues--mainly, the lace takes the dye somewhat unevenly. There is a lot of waste, and it's never as even as the predyed lace.

    I'm sure there's a better solution out there. If you find it, be sure to let me know!

  7. That's very helpful-thanks!

    I had never heard of reducer until you mentioned it. I hope you don't mind one more question, but do you know the approximate ratio of dye to reducer? I'm glad I have yet another excuse to go to my leather store again!

  8. It's more or less a 1:1 ratio. I don't measure, though, so each batch is a bit different!