Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh hold

I have four separate large orders that are currently on hold.  I'm waiting for reference photos for the draft horse tack, supplies for the circus harness, a body to work on for the marathon harness and a decision on the side saddle.

That's a lot of waiting.

To pass the time, I've started painting another foxhound.
I chose a really complicated color for the first hound so this time I decided to go to the other extreme.
She's neither as dark nor as finished as she appears in the photos, and sadly, I just ran out of Dull-Cote so now she's on hold, too!


  1. looking good!!! They look really cute together :)

  2. Thanks! I am trying to finish one per month. At that rate, I might be able to put together a fox hunting entry next time I show performance.

  3. Sounds like me, I decide I want to make something and then I find out I haven't got all the supplies halfway through.

    Nice dogs!