Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bit check

I'm going to start by outing myself and admitting that I've written this post before.  Still, I see a fair amount of "bit check" entries in the model show ring, so perhaps someone will find these photos useful.

While the contestants in the Versatility Ranch Horse Competition at the National Western Stock Show were waiting for their cutting scores, they were asked to come to the judges' trucks for a bit check. 
The riders dismounted, 
unbridled their horses, 
and showed the bridle to the judges.
After that was done, the riders rebridled their mounts and continued waiting for their scores. 
I still don't love, love, love bit check entries.  The bit check isn't a judged part of any event, and as far as I'm concerned, there really isn't a lot of performance to evaluate.  However, there are a lot of judges who feel differently, and this is a one way to slide a standing model into an action oriented class.


  1. Added bonus, finally a use for the Breyer truck!

  2. This was the first horse show I've ever been to where the judges used pickup trucks parked inside the ring as judges' stands. It was kind of cool!

  3. Silly me - I thought this was about checking to make sure you had your bit in the right place on the model's mouth.

    Boy do I feel silly!