Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saddle-free performance, jumper style!

If your taste in performance horses runs more towards high powered sport types rather than placid drafters, here is a saddle-free event for you--Bareback Puissance.
It seems as though a Bareback Puissance photo comes across my Facebook feed at least once a week.  That's no surprise really.  Most of my friends are horse people, and it's hard not to be impressed by anyone who can tackle a six foot (or higher) fence without a saddle.
I have not actually seen Bareback Puissance in person, so all of today's pictures come from Facebook and Google.  Here is a link to a really cute story about one Bareback Puissance class.
I do have the right dolls and models for this, but alas, the puissance wall eludes me.  Since I do not plan on building one any time soon, I hope someone else will take this idea and run with it.  I'd love to see Bareback Puissance on the table at this year's NAN!


  1. Ok, those people are flat-out NUTS. NUTS, I tell you! I remember one time attempting to trot a crossrail bareback and falling off (this is when I was a kid, fortunately, but the sad thing is that is also when I was the most fit and riding the most). I am simply astounded at the level of horsemanship necessary to attempt a Puissance wall that way. I agree with you, though, I think it would make a TERRIFIC setup at a model horse show!

    (I think building a Puissance wall would be kind of fun, personally. Although painting all the lines for the bricks might get a bit tedious... but maybe you can find "wallpaper," like for dollhouses, that is already "bricks?")

  2. O______O

    I can barely stay upright at trot bareback, let alone jumping but whoooah. Made skills they have there, MAD!

  3. Humm....I've jumped hay bales bareback but that's about as high as I'd like to get!

  4. Yeah, this is crazyville.

    I spent most of my teenage years riding bareback. I did more than my fair share of jumping, but always with a pad. It's amazing how much grip a bareback pad gives you. Plus, I was not jumping six feet eleven inches--it was more like two feet eleven inches!!

    I might have a picture of me jumping bareback somewhere. I'll have to look. I guarantee I don't look like these riders.


  5. I had a traditional jump just like the one in the last pic !! I got in a bin of giveaway stuff at a show . And of course it went away with all most all of the rest of my trad scaled props when I started doing mini ... Now I wish I still had it I would so send it to you if I did !

  6. Wow, I grew up riding hunter/jumpers in Atlanta, and showed for a bit. i decided I liked the Western no frills trail ride crowd better and quit showing. Anyway, my most favorite thing to do when I was in lessons and training constantly was to jump bareback. It was the closest thing I could imagine to flying without the aid of a motor. I never cleared anything that tall, maybe 3'6, but no 6'11. I can remember always taking my saddle off when it was time to jump in my group lessons, and everybody including my instructor thinking I was crazy. She only let me do it once a week or so. Oh what fun!!!! I wish I was a kid again sometimes, but then again, maybe not!!!
    Jo K.

  7. Wow, that's crazy!

    Also, RiderWriter - there's quite a good selection of dollhouse brick that would probably work well - dollhouse supply stores have everything from real individual bricks to styrene molded sheets. Even a photo of a brick wall printed out and glued on a block of wood can look really good if done right. :)

  8. My mom had a 17.2 standardbred/tb cross when she was in high school. She'd jump him bareback over a picnic table with a halter and lead rope. =)

    I might have to give this a shot. I could do a wall like that. No big jumpers though...only one I have is a newsworthy. Suppose I could do the set-up to the jump.

  9. I think a puissance wall could be pretty simple to set up. There's lots of ways to do it. I do have a tip though: maybe you could use some white painted wood half-round from a DIY store for your top rolltop?

  10. Wonderful I love to ride without saddle. :)

  11. wow!!! That would make an awesome setup at a live show!!! and I think Newsworthy would be very cute in that sort of setup!!

    I have a feeling it is probably not as hard as it looks, sure it is most likely quite hard, but for me, cantering is far easier than trotting bareback, I have tried jumping, but it was only small and my pony was a jumper so she tripped over it more than jumped it!!