Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mama gets a horse

Somehow--and I really do not know how--I managed to forget that my name was nearing the top of Sarah Rose's ship-to list.  Last night we were walking out to the car, and Ryan spotted a large box sitting on our front porch.  

"Hey, Mama," he asked.  "What's in the box?"

I glanced over and immediately my eyes widened.  The box was suspiciously resin sized, but I wasn't expecting a resin, was I?  It wasn't until I looked at the return address that I realized it was my forgotten Rose Reiner!

Since Ryan found the box, I let him have the opening honors.  After all,  eleven year old boys like any job that involves a pocket knife.
See what I mean?
Of course Darcy wanted a piece of the action, too.
Getting closer...
Unwinding the toilet paper...
and removing the packing peanut hat.
Woo hoo!  It's mama's new horse.
Oh, that was so much fun.  I can't wait to do it again!


  1. LOL! Love the "unwinding the toilet paper". Hilarious! Congrats. What a nice surprise.

  2. That *was* a nice surprise--can't believe I forgot all about him! Now I just need to figure out what to do with him. If I was smart, I'd probably sell him or trade him for paintwork. He's too nice a resin for me to paint myself, and I can't afford any of the artists I like best except for Tiffany and Tiffany already has enough of my horses...

    But--no whining! I'm really happy to have a new horsie!

  3. "The box was suspiciously resin sized" - too funny, but rings so true!

  4. I'll gladly take him off your hands for paint work :)

  5. Love the last pic, it says nothing but 'Victory, at LAST!!!

    A very nice surprise indeed :)

  6. OMg your boy is so cute!

  7. You have a lot of trust in your son! My brother knows that is he even so much as touches one of my models, it won't be good! lol!