Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Creative riding

Big Iron Ranch doesn't have an indoor ring.  That didn't bother me in September.  After all, I'm not really a fan of indoor rings.  I figured I'd be just as happy outside riding in the snow.

Here's what I forgot--it's not the snow that causes problems...
it's the mud.
And the mud is everywhere
The roping arena and round pens are completely under water
The field where I usually ride is better, but there are still some slick spots.
Trillium is a pretty laid back pony, but she's a bit prissy.
Those usually happy little ears get downright cranky when there's mud underfoot.
So what's a girl to do on a warm, sunny, muddy day?  It was much too nice not to ride so Trillium and I had to get a bit creative!  We slipped out the back gate...
and made this quiet little dirt road our arena. 
Trillium didn't like it much at first, but she settled in nicely, and we had a productive walk/trot schooling session.  
It's not an indoor ring, but for right now it'll do!


  1. I had to watch the snow covered ice in our outdoor Sunday... Flick treks well through all sorts of muck but I taught him early on that you can indeed gallop in a plowed field and all other sorts of footing :)

  2. It's strange that Trillium is so prissy since she's been an outdoor pony her whole life, but she really, really, REALLY dislikes the mud. Her whole face gets cranky, not just her ears. It's actually kind of funny.

    If the footing was really impossible, I could always go ride Giada at the other barn. There's a nice indoor there, and I know Aline would like for me to ride her more often. But... Giada isn't Trillium. She's a nice horse, but she doesn't make me happy the way Trillium does.

    So I guess I'll live with the mud!

  3. I was out to see Twist today nd it is just as muddy there. I nearly bought it and landed backside first in it and T went sliding too. Yuck!

  4. Good thinking :) Necessity is the mmother in invention after all.

  5. I'm with Trillium. Mud. Yuck! We have lots of mud and spots of ice. Yesterday my 4 yr. old was "team penning" a heifer that snuck into her pasture, LOL. But all I could think of as she flew down the fence line after that cow was her hitting ice. But nope, heifer got out and Bonnie went bucking across the field farting with joy!

    Didn't know what a great cow horse a draft horse could be :).

  6. Living in the Pacific Northwest, and riding at a barn that doesn't have an indoor arena, this type of situation happens a lot! It always helps to be on THE prissiest pony available- I leased a mare that absolutely needed to give every puddle a healthy five-foot bubble. Hard to manage when your arena is underwater, haha!
    (Trillium is absolutely adorable, by the way!)

  7. You've described Trillium to a T. She is SO prissy about the mud. I sometimes ride Aline's other horse and that one just marches through the puddles as if they're not there. Not Trilli. She doesn't spook but she takes little mincing steps and keeps her ears pinned back to let you know that she's NOT happy.

    On the plus side, she also doesn't like to roll in the mud, so she stays nice and clean even in the most inclement weather.

    You win some, you lose some.