Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aspy's legs

In addition to being a master barn builder, my dad was also an accomplished toy fixer.  Several members of my Breyer herd required his attention over the years, but none more so than this Family Arabian Foal.
Poor Aspy!  He was my second Breyer and I loved those skinny front legs right off his body.  Dad was able to fix the left leg with an epoxy patch, but the right leg required a more labor intensive approach.
Because I'd lost the broken piece, Dad carved a new leg out of wood and attached it to the stump via a peg.  For someone who is not a model horse customizer, he did a remarkably good job at matching Chris Hess' sculpting style.  Just look at that hoof--if I didn't know better, I would think it was an original!
I have now inherited the title of family toy fixer, but I'm not sure I'm as good a repair person as my father was.  Somehow I kind of doubt any of my repair work will still exist in thirty years!


  1. That is a fantastic repair!

  2. Sure is fantastic! An appy Family Arabian foal was my first Breyer and mine was loved to death too.

  3. Very cool. My dad would have just thrown the model away and not thought a second thought about it.

  4. I have an uncle who is a dentist. My cousin (his daughter) and I both collect Breyers, and he has actually drilled out and put pins in broken Stablemate legs. Very useful man to know!

  5. my first Breyer was Big Ben. He's so scratched up from play yet I never broke anything on my horses. Not Breyer brand anyway. I broke tons of Grand Champions though! I can remember every last one of my 50+ Breyer horses' assigned names still!