Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Horses N Hangars custom halter, part one

Colorado is not known for its tough Custom Halter classes, but you would have never guessed that if your only point of reference was last month's Horses N Hangars Live Show in Broomfield, Colorado.   
I have no idea where all these nice horses came from! 
Seriously--the tables were loaded with pretty new faces.
Not certain, but I'm guessing this pair was owned by the mother/daughter team of Christine Holt and Tara Oliver.   Those two have quite an enviable vintage custom collection.
Despite all the tough competition, the Championship went to a familiar face.  This is Scrambellina.  She is customized, painted and owned by Sheila Anderson Bishop and was also Reserve Champion Stock Foal at this year's NAN.
Light breeds were next.
The Arabian classes...
 were filled with beautiful newcomers...
but once again it was an old favorite who came away with top honors.  This time it was my own Nejmet es Subh, a Breyer PAM customized by Judy Rene Pope.
The rest of the Light Division was made up of National Show Horses, 
Half Arabians (that's Khompounded Interest winning the blue),
and Morgans.
Here's a look at the Custom Light Breed Championship table.
Hurray!  My girls won both titles.  Khompounded Interest was Champ and Nejmet was Reserve. 
Onto Sport Horses!
This old guy sure is cute!  I think he's a Capwell, but I'm not certain. 
I know this one is a Jennifer Read creation.  His name is Priux and he was Sport Breed Champion.  Kim Lovelace is the lucky owner.
Kim also owns this guy.
He's a custom Breyer Salinero by Sue Kern.  So cool! 
Champion Spanish/Gaited went to this Alborozo painted by Sheila and owned by Teresa Fedak.
Stock horses, ponies and drafts to follow!


  1. I love the custom salinero it took my breath away!

  2. gorgeous!! you are doing such a great job documenting the show. I love it!! and you are so nice. I like when owners of GORGEOUS horses are nice. :)

    yes, the funky cantering Knabstrup is by Diane Capwell and he is an oldie. you have a good eye.

  3. Tara--it was so nice meeting you and your mother and getting to see all your beautiful horses! It's so nice to see some of those old R/R/H types, especially the ones that are still competitive today. <3 <3 <3

  4. They are amazing how did you do them!!!?

    1. You can buy them on Ebay, Model Horse Sales Pages, Auction Barn ( I believe that's what it's called), or you can find an artist that's open to commissions and have them paint you one. Either way, customs and resins are super expensive! I prefer to paint/customize my own as I could never afford any of them! I've always wanted a resin though...they're so darn pretty!