Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Long before I started making saddles, I financed my hobby by selling lots of small tack items.  Since most of what I knew came from Susan Bensema Young's Guide to Making Model Horse Tackit's no surprise that a lot of those items were braided.   The quirts featured in this long ago post, were some of my hottest sellers.  I think I must have sold at least twenty of these in 1999 alone.

Nowadays I rarely get orders for braided items so I was surprised to receive a recent request for a pair of quirts.  Even more surprising--so much time had passed since I'd made a quirt that I wasn't sure I remembered how to do it!

Of course that meant I had to experiment a little...
They're not perfect, but I think I'm ready to say yes to that order request.  Now if I could just find that email...


  1. I read that older post you linked to...fingernail polish! Perfect! Thanks for unknowingly leading me to the solution I've been looking for :D

  2. LOVE! I've always wanted to do one of the really complicated quirts with a lot of braiding.. Next time you're near Ky or I'm near CO we'll have to get together and make tack!

  3. I have one of your older quirts.....somewhere.... Used it in 2008 on my NAN champ OF speed games entry. It added just the right touch.
    These look lovely! I bet if you make more, you can sell them easily!

  4. Thanks, Becca and Vicky! And Heather, you have NO IDEA how much I want that to happen. Seriously.

  5. These are cool! I would love a tack tip on how to do them!