Tuesday, August 30, 2011

English tack

In regards to tack, "English" is a catch all term that encompasses saddles for disciplines as diverse as dressage and racing.  Although this type of saddlery has roots in England, English saddles are made and used the world over and include variations that are decidedly non British (e.g saddleseat) .

Unlike my usual fare, this tack set is both generally and specifically "English."   
Marianna ordered this set for her Roundabout resin.  "Roundie" is a classic sized British heavyweight cob sculpted by Karen Gerhardt.  His tack is typical of that seen in the UK show ring and includes a saddle with straight cut flaps, a balding girth and a double bridle with flat nose and browbands.  I used a guest post from my own blog to guide me in the creation of this set.  Thanks again, Lauren.  That was really helpful!
One new feature of this saddle is the black piping along the skirt pieces.  Marianna had originally asked for the lighter piping often seen on English saddles made for the American market.  I couldn't find any evidence of this on British hunter saddles, so I asked if I could use a more subtle darker piping instead.  Marianna agreed and this is the result.  
FYI--this particular Roundie was kindly loaned to me by Karen and Jennifer Scott.  He is a donation piece for Jenn's Horses N Hangars Live show which was held last month in Broomfield, Colorado.  Jenn will be painting him and offering him for sale sometime this fall.
Thanks to Karen and Jenn for the loan, Lauren for the information and Marianna for such a fun order!


  1. awesome work Jennifer!

  2. Thank YOU Jennifer for making such an awesome set. Now I just need to get my Roundie painted and I'll be set!

  3. Looks great! Glad my article was helpful! I hope you won't be using the breastplate for the pure show cob class though.

    He looks great in tack - hopefully I'll be getting my roundie soon!

  4. Lovely tack! :D Nice and workmanlike, perfect!
    As much as I lovemy cobs, I just can't like that resin, the neck's far too short for my liking!

  5. Beautiful saddle and bridle! Love the details on the saddle! Just one thing, the tongues on the bridle are looking a bit too long. You mentioned this in an earlier tack tip.
    Before: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_WMLJW9X6BqU/SXeCImH7YeI/AAAAAAAAB98/XLPOCldWi_k/s400/buckles_long_tongues.jpg and after you trimmed the tongues: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_WMLJW9X6BqU/SXeCIYCTm4I/AAAAAAAAB90/q4qOOFhKJc8/s1600-h/buckles_finished.jpg

  6. Shanti--You're right, the tongues are a tiny bit long. I always see things in pictures that need to be changed, so typically photos on this blog represent an "almost finished" stage of tack completion.

  7. Ok, I see! That happens to me very often too. On large sized pictures one can see little faults you wouldn't have noticed bevor. Doesn't matter if it's a tack or paint job.