Thursday, August 18, 2011


I warned you!

Everything is ok.  I've just been really, really busy.  This is the kids' last week of summer vacation, and we're trying to do all the things we couldn't do while James' left arm was encased in fiberglass.
My puppy has recovered nicely from her injury earlier this week.  That's not the end of the dog drama, however.  While the vet was diagnosing the new injury she discovered  an old, poorly healed fracture in Darcy's left knee.  We're waiting to hear from the orthopedic surgeon, but I fear we have a surgery in our future.
Darcy doesn't understand what the big deal is.
That knee isn't bothering her one bit!
In between kid and dog stuff, I've been working on orders.  I've made three saddles in the last two weeks which is another reason I haven't had much time for blogging!
Just a few more days, and life should get back to normal.  I promise!

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  1. i just realized that Darcy has no tail. i usually don't miss things like that!!