Monday, August 29, 2011

Polo Penalty Shootout

I am always on the lookout for interesting new performance ideas for my model horses.  I particularly like events that don't require a lot of props, feature multiple gaits and can be performed under either English or Western tack.  The Polo Penalty Shootout qualifies on all counts.  Although these photos were taken during Saturday's Cottonwood Riding Club Pentathlon, I think this event works just as well as a stand alone English or Western gymkhana event.

The rules for the event are simple.  Each competitor is given a polo mallet with which to take two swings at a polo ball.  Whoever's ball goes the furthest is the winner.
The riders line up behind cones on one end of the arena. 
Winding up for the first swing.
There it goes! 
Lining up for the second swing. 
Another good shot. 
Apparently swinging a polo mallet on horseback is much harder than it looks, and most of the riders took things very slow.  However, there were a few real polo players in the mix and they  allowed their horses to move out between shots,  often taking the second swing at speed.  Sorry, no pictures but...
here's a nice reference picture for anyone who'd like to set this up with English tack.
As always, please feel free to use my pictures for your live show documentation.  Just be sure to take a picture and tell me how you did!


  1. This is a great idea, that I'm sure your readers will appreciate (and that whole Pentathalon looks like so much fun). And speaking of different performance set-ups, have you ever seen Cowboy Mounted Shooting done?

    We had an event nearby last weekend and what a BLAST to watch (pardon the pun)! The old-fashioned Western outfits on the riders would be challenging but fun to make/assemble; the props would be a cinch. I know I've seen some old-style Western tack on here, too. I can just picture someone's custom Cigar or Smarty in action!

  2. I've actually set up Cowboy Mounted Shooting a couple times-once with a Whiplash resin and once with my mule Emma. I used CMSA info to get around the period tack/attire requirements. Unfortunately, neither set-up was very successful. I think I need to spend more time on this one to make it work. It certainly has the potential to be a COOL model performance event!

    (And I owe you an email or three. I've had a cold this week and I am behind on everything!)

  3. Sorry you haven't been well. :-( My kids brought home The Annual Back To School cold to our house, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's what you've had, too!

    You will probably laugh at my naïveté, but look what I bought yesterday:

    I have always wanted an Old-Timer, and although this guy doesn't have any beautiful dapples, there was just something about him... and I thought the leather "bridal" was pretty neat, since I've never seen one like that before! I was thinking maybe I could fix it up, with a little advice from a certain person. :-)

    I have also asked for the Smarty mold Secretariat, which I think might turn up as a b-day present in November (I would have just bought him for myself, too, but the family appreciates large hints for gifts). When I sent the link for that to Hubby, he wrote back and said, "Isn't that the one you have already?" *insert giant eyeroll* Poor dear, he hasn't looked at my STANDING Sec wearing a blanket
    of roses in a while, obviously... LOL. Good thing I never brought up the porcelain Sec I'd REALLY like (couple thousand, at least)!

  4. In all my years of collecting, I have NEVER owned an Old Timer. My best friend had one when we were kids and I guess that was enough for me. He was dapple grey and I remember the two of us having long discussions about how that wasn't a good color for him since old greys are white or flea bit not dappled... Yeah, we were the kind of kids who obsessed over things like that!

    Anyway, congrats on the new addition and hope you get the new Secretariat, too!