Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It's been a busy day in my studio.
While my hands have been busy with this...
my mind has been thinking of this...
and this...
and these!
Sigh.  Is it August 22 yet?


  1. That's the official start date of my pony lease. It's also the first day of school for my kids. I deferred the lease until then because my schedule is *so* busy with back to school and end of summer stuff. It seemed like the best way to go at the time...

    Now, however, I am feeling a lot less grown up. I just want to go play with the pony!!!

  2. can't blame you at all, there...

  3. Grown up? Pffft. You have a PONY. Grown up status is invalid. You are completely free to jump around the room, squeal, or do whatever it was you did as a child when you were excited!

  4. Anna's message wholeheartedly seconded. XD

  5. I agree! I wouldn't be able to wait!! Sqeee!!! dapple pony!!!!

  6. Saddle is beautiful, I like the complexity of the knee pads.

    Re: your mare. Is she flaxen chestnut? I was thinking she was palomino before I noticed her tail is dark on the bottom. And then realized I had never heard of a Welsh cob pally. I really don't know much about Welsh cob colors!

  7. The pony is palomino, but she is definitely carrying the sooty gene. In addition to the multicolored tail, she has some dark hairs in her mane and fetlocks as well as a dark spot on her right side girth area. I have a feeling I will end up photographing nearly every inch of her. She's so darn cute and the color is just WOW!