Sunday, August 21, 2011

Better and better

My pony lease hasn't officially started and already there's been some barn drama.  Fortunately, this time the end result is a good one.  As of September third, Trillium will be moving from her backyard home in Parker to Big Iron Ranch in Watkins.

After my lesson today, Trillium's owner and I drove out to the new stable.
It's way out east on the prairie so the location isn't ideal for me.  Still, it's not that far away and the amenities more than make up for the drive. 
These are going to be Trillium's pasture mates.  Can you believe the cuteness?
I just love the big paint horse's markings.
One blue eye... 
and one brown eye with blue flecks!
This girl's pretty cute, too.
What a mug!
I had trouble taking pictures of the two ponies because they kept coming too close to the camera.  Oh well, I'm sure I'll have lots of opportunities in the not so distant future. 
Best of all--unlike Trillium's current digs, this place has a bathroom.  It even comes complete with reading material.
Who could ask for anything more?


  1. The brown eye with blue flecks is very cool!

  2. That's a lovely barn - would make a great photo shoot background.

  3. Bathrooms are very important. I've peed in many a stall but it's not my fave. :)

  4. Didn't know horses could read.

  5. Good news! And yes, one sign of a good horse-and-people-friendly barn is the bathroom.

  6. The paint looks so much like a wonderful horse I used to ride. Lovely eyes!