Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to school/Back to work

Summer vacation is officially over.  Today I got the kids off to school...
and drove out to Parker for a brief pony visit.
Then it was back to work.  I made two girths...
and spent a ridiculous amount of time working on a pattern for quarter boots.  
I wouldn't have minded another couple weeks of vacation time but this was good, too! 


  1. The boys look resigned to going back to school....sort of happy, but
    New patterns...yuck...sometimes they take forever!
    Can't wait to seen pictures of you riding your new pony!!!!!

  2. New patterns make me crazy especially when they're for a piece of equipment I'm not terribly familiar with. I'm temporarily shelving the boots while I wait for supplies. I have an idea for them but I'm not sure that I can make it work. If it does, it will be awesome.

    I don't think I'll be riding the pony until she moves to the new place. It's become very weird and uncomfortable in Parker... I would mind more, but with temperatures in the uppers 90's this week I'm thinking perhaps it's all for the best!

  3. What discipline really uses quarter boots?

    I'm thinking some kind of epoxy, or whatever, that "sets" and then you cut to shape and a cut to remove, and they seal the slit to take on/off the leg with a dab of whatever you use for bits when they show.

    If you can invent pull on gum boots for a model, you will be my hero!!!

  4. I'd expect the quarter boots to go on Saddlebreds. Now that there are a lot of Stone Saddlebreds in circulation, I'm getting a lot more requests for saddleseat tack!

    Jana Skybova makes pull on gum bell boots and they're awesome. You can see them here.

  5. I have officially seen it all... my work here is done ;~)