Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favorites

Earlier this month, my best friend and I took our kids to the Denver Art Museum.  The primary reason for our visit--at least to my mind--was to check out the Native American horse regalia.  While I was doing that, the rest of my group explored other parts of the American Indian Art collection.

"Hey, Mama, " Ryan called from across the room.  "There's model horses here and they're really cool."

I admit, I didn't pay him much attention.  My kids are not model horse connoisseurs and I didn't expect he'd found anything that could rival the real horse regalia.

I was wrong.
Although slightly larger than traditional size, these could fall under the general category of "model horses"...
 and their tack was way, way, way beyond cool.
Horse and Rider was created by the mother/daughter team of Joyce Growing Thunder and Juanita Growing Thunder Fogarty.  
This one is entitled Preston and Skylar and it was created by Jamie Okuma in 2001.
She writes: Each and every piece has a little bit of my soul in them.  They have lived through whatever life has thrown at me during the time of their creation... 
I have to create to survive. I know no other way.  If I can't create, I feel lost.  It's what I was here to do.  I feel blessed and honored for the gift of art.
Last but certainly not least is Maternal Journey by Rhonda Holy Bear.
Here's how the artist describes this piece: Maternal Journey celebrates the cycle of life... It is an homage to the strength and dignity of the Plains mother...
I depict the maternal theme... on multiple levels...
The mother and mare are guiding their young into the future.  The twins face backward, as they are pulled ahead on the road.
They are looking toward the past for guidance as they move toward their destiny.
I have often been wowed by the work of model horse costume makers, but these pieces represent an entirely different level of achievement. 
To say I'm impressed would be an understatement.  These are the finest "model horse" costumes I've ever seen, bar none.  I am already planning a return visit to the Denver Art Museum so that I can study them at greater length.


  1. So cool I was surprised to see skylar considering my name is skyelar although its not the same spelling it is quite rare to see my name. They are all beautiful!

  2. the second set of horses are cooler in my opinion! brighter colors!! ^^ How old are your kids?

  3. Ryan knows best!

  4. Skyelar--My puppy's shelter name was Skyler. Had we not changed it, you would be seeing a variation of your name mentioned with great frequency!

    Karen-Ryan is 11 and James is 9. Those are good ages. They're old enough to be fairly self sufficient but not so old they think it's lame going to museums with their mother!

    Jane--You should go see them in person. My photos do not do them justice. The beading is just amazing!

    (No comment for my Mom)

  5. OMG SO Cool! Thank you for sharing those... So much to see out your way!!

  6. Thank You for sharing these amazing horse regalia pictures. They are so Beautiful.