Saturday, August 13, 2011

Like stepping into a catalog...

Who hasn't flipped through the pages of a tack catalog and wished that it was a real store they could visit?
Yesterday that wish came true! 
We'd driven out to Parker to have James' cast removed, and since we were already most of the way there, I couldn't resist swinging by the brand new Dover store.
Everything about this establishment is designed to appeal to the equestrian crowd.  Even utilitarian things like window signs are hung with laced reins and snaffle bits.
The area just inside the front door is set up like a (very posh) tackroom. 
You know the decor is good when even my nonhorsey kids are impressed! 
With that kind of build up, the store itself could have been a disappointment...
Fortunately, that was not the case.
I've worked and shopped at some really nice tack shops, but none were as visually impressive as this.
And the inventory wasn't half bad, either! 
A reference photo for Heather P's girth order...
and the obligatory "they sell Breyers, too!" picture.
Oh, how I wish he really wanted to wear a velvet huntcap!
Unfortunately, the only items he wanted to take home were the stuffed dogs and the Dark Horse Chocolates. 
Oh well, horsey or not, he's a pretty good kid and I appreciate him giving me such a good excuse to visit Dover Saddlery.  Rest assured, I will be back!


  1. Love, love, LOVE Dover. :)

  2. Dover Saddlery AND a wine store in the same shopping center?! That could be REALLY dangerous for me...

  3. There's also a gourmet popcorn store near there, and a Panera and Super Target and Michael's and Hobby Lobby and Goodwill... Parker is a nice town!

  4. We saw the Hobby Lobby! I suggested we stop there as well but James was having none of it. By that point I had used up all his goodwill. All he wanted to do was jump in a swimming pool!

  5. I am SOOOO jealous! lucky you got to go to Dover, looks like fun!

  6. WOW! We have a lot of GREAT horsie shows here in central Ohio, but I don't know if we have one that looks THAT good!

  7. What a neat store! I love going to these kind of stores too, not just to look but to smell too! The smell of leather and a like..... ;-)
    Our tack shops rarely carry any breyer horses.. :(

  8. wow!!! if only we had stores like that over here locally!!!! it would be like heaven!!! i love going to saddlery's, i love the smell too, but also all the lovely two tone jumping saddles and everything!!!!!!

    i love them!!!!!!! thanks for the great blog!

  9. Wow, that DOES look really nice! Dover has been my favorite purveyor for many years now. Their ladies at their WEG display were super-friendly and helpful. I hastened to tell them how much I love my Circuit Elite saddle and how every time I get it out around new people, I receive compliments. It looks way more expensive than it was.

    I am determined to get over to our sole remaining English tack shop in the near future, if only to sniff that heady aroma...

  10. This post MADE MY DAY. I work for Dover in the Massachusetts corporate office and was dying to see the new store!

    Would you mind if I shared this post with the manager of customer service? I think she'd love to see it :)

  11. mandapandaxx--Making someone's day always makes my day! Please share with anyone who might be interested.