Saturday, August 6, 2011

New lens

When I bought my new camera earlier this year, the salesman strongly recommended I buy some new lenses to go with it.
He pointed out that my old lenses were really... old. 
Although they would work on the new camera, they wouldn't work especially well. 
I knew that was true, but I am cheap.    
I was going to use those lenses as long as possible. 
The long lens died earlier this summer.   
It had been a long time coming so I was not surprised.
Today, I went back to the camera shop and bought a new lens.   
It's smaller, lighter and faster than the old one.
The zoom function works differently so of course I had to head to a horse show and try it out.
I think I'm going to like it!
P.S. to Teresa--I know I said I wasn't interested in going to the dressage show this year, but it was all I could find on such short notice.  Are you still up for the hunter pace later this month?


  1. Lovely photos! I so long to get a high-quality digital camera, but until then I have a $130 point-and-shoot that takes okay photos... Again, very nice! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I would say you suck but I was at a model horse show...

    And YES to the Hunter Pace AND the Friesian kuering AND we need to do a Dover day ASAP.

  3. Just out of curiosity, what camera do you have? I'm in the same position as Alex, except that my current camera is extremely temperamental and takes rather fuzzy photos. Your pictures look so clear! Thanks!

  4. My camera is a Nikon D90 and the new lens is a Nikon Nikkor DX 55-300. My old, worn out lens was a Sigma 75-300 which my husband bought secondhand for almost nothing.

    I really am a cheapskate and it pains me to spend money on things, but cameras are one place where I will splurge. I just wish I was a little bit better photographer. I do ok, but one of these days I'm going to take a course so I can move up to the next level.

  5. Thanks! I know nothing about photography, but I always love the crisp look of your pictures.

  6. Ooooh, I am impressed with your photography skills! Can you tell us exactly what equipment you're using? I would love to get a decent setup one day - for now I'm limited to my camera phone, which works quite well unless you zoom in too much, but is certainly nothing like a "real" good camera.

  7. (So sorry, that's what I get for not reading all the comments before posting. You already said so never mind :-).

  8. Oh, the wrinkles on the palomino just make me want to grab some clay and get sculpting!