Monday, August 1, 2011


For the past seventeen days, temperatures in the Denver metro area have soared above and beyond the ninety degree mark.

My entire house is hot.  We don't have air conditioning, and the combination of unrelenting heat and unusual humidity (for Colorado) has overwhelmed my ancient swamp cooler.  It's not ninety degrees in my studio, but it's much too close for comfort.  Not surprisingly I really, really, really did not feel like working on tack today. 

But...  the deadline for that sidesaddle set is looming so I forced myself to sit down and make the bridle.
It wasn't until after I'd finished that I remembered I'd used gold toned hardware on the saddle.
Crap!  The idea of building a whole new bridle made me ill, so I decided to see if it was possible to swap out the hardware on the existing bridle.
Fortunately, it was! 
Still, this was not one of those days when I think I have the best job in the world!

P.S.  Just in case anyone is wondering, it's ok to have a hunt type bridle with gold buckles and silver bits.  
I have also seen this kind of gold/silver combination on dressage bridles.  Model horse folks are much more obsessed with the whole matchy-matchy thing than real horse people.  


  1. No AC here, either, though our 90+ high humidity/dew point spell only lasted two days.

    Hope things cool off soon!

  2. To be honest--a humid day in Colorado would be a dry day in most parts of the country. Still, when you're not used to it, any humidity's a killer especially since it renders the swamp cooler useless.

    Tomorrow and Wednesday are supposed to be a bit cooler. Here's hoping it works out that way!

  3. My jaw dropped and my eyes bugged out of my head when I saw "no", "air", and "conditioning" right after each other. I can't fathom not having AC! It's been over 100 for 20 odd days here in Kansas, and you could cut the humidity with a knife. It's terrible. Needless to say, I feel for you and I hope this heatwave breaks for everyone.

  4. Please, send over some Fahrenheit!! In some parts of Germany it's like the beginning of April and I love hot weather!

    The detail shot of your buckles is very interesting. It's a complete different style of how I do my buckles! ;-)

  5. It's really weird here, barely 20 degrees C whereas in London its 30 and they're calling it a heatwave!

    Just watch out for melting ponies in the heat. In Australia my customs suffered through a couple of hot days, resulting in some bubble-wrap marks :-( a lesson learned...

  6. YES!!! Finally, I have figured out how people make those buckles. it may be obvious to everyone else, but, well ... I'm a little slow!:-)Now, please excuse me while I run upstairs to try and fail to make a bridle about fifty times.