Saturday, April 30, 2011

Carousel tack

My older son Ryan turned eleven on Wednesday.  As part of his birthday celebration, we drove across the Denver metro area to the Lego Outlet Store at the Colorado Mills mall in Lakewood.
This was my family's first trip to that particular mall, and we were all surprised and happy to discover a carousel right in the middle of the Food Court.
Even though my kids are prone to flashing peace signs and fists for the camera, they still like riding on carousels. 
I'm glad because I like carousels.  
I also like carousel tack.  I like the improbable colors and utterly unrealistic design.  
Feathers hanging from a breastplate?  Why not! 
This breastplate has flowers... 
and this one has tassels.  Maybe this horse is an Arabian? 
In addition to regular horses, this particular carousel featured a couple zebras and several hippocampi.  
Even mythical half horse/half fish creatures need tack! 
I know that I've threatened to do this before, but someday I really am going to make a traditional scale set of carousel tack!


  1. I didn't know you hadn't been to CO Mills or saw the carousel before! I like the place, other than having three kinds of sales tax...

    Don't forget - NAN ENTRIES....

  2. Re: NAN entries. I just sent you an email. The online form is giving me fits and I am ready to just throw in the towel.

    Colorado Mills is a nice mall. The kids and I will definitely go back. James really wanted to do the bungee jumping thing, and I'm quite sure Ryan could take up permanent residence at the Lego Store!

  3. I`m glad you all enjoyed a fabuluos day there! Congratulations! I really love (riding on) old horsey carousels (despite adult age...)! I can`t wait to see your version of colourful tack! Best wishes, Doreen from Germany

  4. Seatbelts on carousels, health and safety really is everywhere now! lol
    I love the Hippocampi - I've seen some really amazing customs of them before. :D