Monday, April 18, 2011

Back to the drawing board

Today I began work on Marianna's Portuguese set.  As usual, the first step is all about the pattern.  Although I was generally pleased with my most recent Portuguese saddle, there is definite room for improvement.  
Aside from tweaking the pattern itself, I am also trying out some new construction methods.  This is my second attempt at sewing rather than gluing the fabric seat and side panel pieces.  So far the results haven't been encouraging.  I was hoping to minimize the seam between the pieces.  Unfortunately, it's still quite obvious plus now the panel alignment is off.
So it's back to the drawing board again and again.  First days are often slow because I spend most of my time working on things that need fixing.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be ready to tackle the parts I actually know how to make!


  1. Hey, I have some pictures of Portuguese tack in my blog, I don't know if they'll be of any good to you?

    Here is the link:

  2. Great photos--I love the little Appy! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Thanks for posting this, now I don't feel so bad when it happens to me. I neglect my laundry regularly (who wears all this stuff!?!) LOL
    I see you have some tea on your work table, don't wash your brushes off in it...I tried and it doesn't make the tea taste any better.

  4. I hate laundry. No matter how often you do it, it never stays done. Blech!